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Our history workshops are half days with a maximum of 35 children in each session.   

Pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • Play games to encourage oracy, confidence and collaboration

  • Devise their own game based on historic events

  • Enjoy an interactive team quiz to tests their knowledge 

  • Devise questions for a key figure

  • Meet the character brought to life in costume by either Serena or Sarah  

  • Participate in an oracy challenge which culminates in showback opportunities and positive peer feedback  Props and costumes are provided for each of the showbacks


Choose from:

The Romans.  Hot seating Calpurnia, wife of Julius Caesar.  Oracy challenge: A Report from the Colosseum.

The Tudors.  Hot seating Anne Boleyn.  Oracy challenge: Henry VIII on Trial!

The World of Shakespeare.  Hot seating Anne Hathaway.  Oracy challenge: A Time Traveller's Tour Around Shakespeare’s London.

The Great Fire of London.  Hot seating Jane Edwards, Samuel Pepys’ maid.  Oracy challenge: Thomas Farriner on trial!

The Victorians.  Hot seating Queen Victoria.  Oracy challenge: Inventors’ Big Sell at the Great Exhibition

World War I.  Hot seating Edith Shaw, a nurse on the front line. Oracy challenge: A Pathé Newsreel from the Front.

World War II.  Hot seating Joan Cook, a Land Girl.  Oracy challenge: A Newsreel on rationing and evacuees.

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